How Did This Happen?
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45 Years...
Apple butter and pumpkin butter graced the tables of most early American homes. When apples are ripe on the farm, there are a lot of them. It was a big job to tend fires (usually outdoors) and keep large pots stirred to render the thick, dark spread that was treasured all year until another harvest.

As farms evolved from homesteads to big business many products, like apple and pumpkin butter, moved from family pantries to store shelves. The evolving US food channel positioned itself between growers and manufacturers and began exerting influence and power to control prices.

The squeeze on manufacturers and producers to reduce prices brought efficiencies and industrial applications. Scientific advances armed producers and manufacturers to flourish profitably in the ever increasing squeeze to reduce costs with processes and ingredient substitutions.

Profits blinded the sacrifice of wholesome goodness in the pursuit of cheaper and cheaper food … and grocery shelves filled up.

Apple and pumpkin butter are just a few of the products that suffered over the years. Finally becoming so cheap on grocery shelves that most families stopped buying apple butter altogether. Why? Because what was called ‘apple butter’ was yucky and not at all the luscious treat that brought so many family smiles.

Willi Ann was 21 and having her first baby when she stopped by her local Baird’s Market and bought a misshapen pumpkin for 13 cents. Willi asked her family to learn how to cook it and Pumpkin Butter resulted. For the next 45 years, apple and pumpkin butter would grace her family meal table.

In 2010 the Kruse family (Ken, Willi Ann, and Abby) began Barton Creek Crossing to share with you the goodness of apple and pumpkin butter the way they grew up enjoying it. Pure, clean, wholesome and as close to the way God made apple and pumpkin butter as possible.

BCC’s Purpose is to bring you the goodness food used to have before science and industry started helping out.

NOTE: BCC is NOT going back in time. We don’t decorate with gingham checks and farm scenes. BCC is moving forward in a modern, urban environment. BCC is current and fresh. We embrace wholesome and regard our integrity, health and family more important than the almighty dollar.

The barrage of opportunities seems incessant. “Looks like apples. Tastes like apples. Customers can’t tell the difference. 10 cents on the dollar.” But Kenny and Willi Ann keep asking, “So why not just use apples?”

Barton Creek Crossing is not dusting off cob webs and back in time. Instead we’ve plucked something good from the past and brought it forward into modern life. BCC is a new look at apple and pumpkin butter, NOT a reinvention. Apple and Pumpkin Butter were once wonderful and still are. Ken, Willi Ann and Abby are committed to maintain their integrity to cook food the right way or not at all.

Yes, the price is higher than it would be if we filled our products with corn syrup and flavors and cheaper spices and artificial enhancers. But Kenny, Willi Ann and Abby mean it when they tell employees, “If what you are putting into a jar makes you happy and smile when you think of a mommy somewhere giving a spoonful to her little highchair tot, then tighten the lid and label it.”

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