List of Good Things to know:

  1. Made with rain water means "No Fluoride". Read the warnings on your toothpaste. It says to contact poison control if you swallow fluoride toothpaste, and then we fluoridate our water supply. This is nutz! We built a complete rain water system with huge tanks and filters and UV lights so we can deliver BCC products as clean and chemical free as possible.
  2. Made with rain water means "No Chlorine" see notes above ... similar story.
  3. Local means BCC is a product of the USA. We buy supplies, ingredients, utilities, from Americans. We hire Americans to help us. We put as much of the good ole USA into our jars as we possibly can.
  4. Non-GMO means growers of Apples and Pumpkin can't spray with roundup because the plants will die alongside the weeds they want to kill. We deliver apples and pumpkins (actually heirloom Dickenson Squash/pumpkin) that are as close to the way God made them as we possibly can.
  5. Naturally Gluten Free...if you don't add a bunch of fillers and use apples and pumpkins like mother earth grows them ... voila! You get gluten free!
  6. There is no substitute for time. Many food chemists can give us look-alike, smell-alike, and even taste-alike substitutes. But when you cook real food there are four components to 'good' -- Ingredients, process, preservation, and presentation. We use the best ingredients. We cook 6 hours or more. We preserve with heat (210 degrees) and without chemicals. We present in mug handled jars that consumers LOVE!
  7. We can buy cinnamon all day long for $3.25 p/pound. The cinnamon BCC buys costs almost $20 p/pound. Why? Because we use whole spices. We buy from an importer who grinds organic whole spices, leaves the volatile oil intact, and sells us the real deal. It is the volatile oils that give that bouquet flavor profile we are appreciated for. And the volatile oils have many health benefits, too. The Certificate of Analysis we get on our spices is extraordinary. And you can taste the difference.
  8. Authentic recipes. Willi Ann was 20 years old and pregnant with her first baby. She asked and the family showed her how to make apple butter. Willi Ann made the first batch over 40 years ago. These recipes are still made by the Kruse Family just like that first batch. We know this sounds cheesy but our family has grown up with pumpkin and apple butter on the meal table.
  9. Across America folks love to start the day with apple and pumpkin butter on toast and biscuits. But some of our favorite family times are eating ice cream on the back porch with apple or pumpkin butter on top. It is the best tasting pie and ice cream you ever tasted … except there isn’t any pie.
  10. Check out the nutrition facts. BCC spreads are low in sugar and calories. You won't be eating much more than 2-3 grams of sugar per serving. Weight watchers use it as a free condiment like catsup... except it is a lot better for you than catsup.
  11. Ken and Willi Ann’s grandkids like to dip chicken fingers in the apple butter.
  12. Sparingly spread apple butter (especially Granny Apple) over pork chops and chicken, season however you like, then grill or cook. OMG, it’s the best you’ve ever tasted!

As for Store managers ... I think it would be nice if they’d offer shoppers something NEW for ice cream topping. Every store has chocolate and strawberry. But Apple and Pumpkin ... Now that's interesting.
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