The door was open. That was the first clue. The Kruse family business was built from scratch with hearts and hands that welcome the people and work put before them. From a grand design not always clear to 62 and 61 year old Kenny and Willi, Barton Creek Crossing has emerged as an American manufacturer of the finest, purest, cleanest, healthiest pumpkin butter and apple butter on the planet.

Ken and Willi unwaveringly buy local and American made. That goes for services, too. When they decided to build a new 50’x80’ facility they listened to trusted friends and neighbors and found local talent to help them. The 3 year process has been harried. Each step entangled with another and another and another until the chaos crescendoed into an amazing fray of loose ends … then one by one the threads of one hurdle found another and each small solution was woven together. A beautiful fabric of good folk with amazing skills have forever changed the landscape at 12240 Trautwein Road. A clearing of cluttered rocks is now the solid foundation to a lovely new certified kitchen and warehouse/shipping facility where the Kruse family works to bring delicious pumpkin and apple butter to you.
In 2010 (yep, we’re newbies) the Kruse family (Kenny, Willi Ann and Abby) began Barton Creek Crossing to bring back the goodness food used to have before science and industry started helping us out. We are cooks and natural food zealots. We love what we do and we hope you do too.
To be good people and run a good company. To continually challenge ourselves to raise the bar of the quality of our American made products. To do good for our country, community, and the families who rely on our integrity to bring them the best tasting, cleanest, most wholesome food we know how.

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