How Did This Happen?
Meet The Family
45 Years...
Everybody loves a good story …

Ken, Willi Ann, and Abby are a grand family (grandparents raising grandchildren). At a time in life when most folks are checking things off their bucket lists, Ken and Willi Ann adopted their granddaughter and started Barton Creek Crossing.

When Ken and Willi Ann grew up, apple butter was a favorite item on their family meal tables. As a young mother, Willi Ann learned to make pumpkin and apple butter and continued what she knew until her kids left for college.

The children grew up and had families of their own, and kept their memories of the sweet goodness of the pumpkin and apple butter they grew up with. Soon Willi Ann was making enough for friends, neighbors, and special gifts.

After adopting Abby, Ken and Willi Ann thought it might be a nice ‘hobby’ to sell some of their pumpkin and apple spreads at local festivals and fairs, and maybe make a little extra money. The idea took off and many neighbors in their local area liked being able to buy these yummy foods. But sooner than anyone expected a lot of happy folks found themselves with empty jars. The phone calls were a joy and a lot of folks liked stopping by the house, or meeting Ken and Willi Ann at the next festival to get more.

Barton Creek Crossing grew and grew and Ken and Willi Ann started building a new kitchen and warehouse 300’ from their house. Talking to local talent and contractors they got a lot of good advice, “No matter how big you build it, one of these days you’ll need more space.” Ken and Willi Ann listened and built a 50’ x 80’, 22’ tall, truck-friendly facility.

Now the smell of cooking pumpkin spread and four different apple spreads meanders across the damp morning grass as Ken and Willi Ann walk 300’ to work. They joke, “The commute is h---, but someone has to do it.”
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