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Pumpkin ButterAdd your review
Rating (5 of 5)      by Linda G on Mar 10 2016
I can't begin to describe how delicious this spread is and how much I love it. Two years ago I discovered it and it is now my daily breakfast with peanut butter on wheat toast. I look forward to it every morning. As a diabetic, it is good for me as it is low in sugar and calories. The first year I could only get 2 jars but this year I bought 10.I will run out before it is back on the shelf so next year I will double my purchase. It IS that GREAT!!!

Rating (5 of 5)      by Judy on Oct 19 2015
This is pie in a jar! Please sell this year round!!

Rating (5 of 5)      by Jessica on Jun 29 2015
My family loved this pumpkin spread! A must try especially on wheat toast!

Rating (5 of 5)      by Nancy Z on Mar 02 2017
I just discovered this at HEB today, they had samples of Pumpkin and Apple. Absolutely DELICIOUS!

Rating (3 of 5)      by LizN. on Mar 08 2017
I was so excited when I found pumpkin butter in HEB in El Campo texas. But it was not as good as I expected.The best pumpkin butter I ever tasted was from Curtis Orchard in Champaign, Illlinois

Rating (5 of 5)      by A. Pearl on Apr 19 2017
I can't ever remember getting a product at the grocery store and immediately after getting home and trying it, searching online to tell the company how amazing it is... I would go out of my way to HEB's Central Market to get McCutcheon's pumpkin butter, but thought to look again at the regular HEB I go to - and voila, I see your pumpkin butter. It is by far better than McCutcheon's, which is by far way better than Dickinson's. You are correct that the cheaper it is, the less it tastes like pumpkin butter. Your pumpkin butter is simply so delicious, I can't wait to have it on toast for my dessert tonight. Thank you for a homemade taste and after reading your website, for the passion and goodness that you exude. I can't wait to tell my mom it's like eating her pumpkin pie... and then she'll be off to HEB for your products as well! :))

Rating (5 of 5)      by Dottie W. on Nov 11 2017
I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon your pumpkin butter!! I love pumpkin butter year round but have only been able to find it reliably in Oct-Dec. I was ordering from HEB online the other day and entered pumpkin butter in the search bar and up popped your product. When I opened it for a taste I had to stop myself from eating spoonful after spoonful!! It is the best pumpkin butter I have ever had!! I can't wait to try your apple butters! I just read your family story online and now love you all too! Such a great story and great product. Thank you for bringing such lightness and goodness into my life!

Rating (4 of 5)      by Lena A. on Dec 24 2017
I bought and another brand. Barton Creek Crossing won out. I have used one jar to make pumpkin low sugar cookies. Their wonderful. I love the flavor and will purchase more.

Rating (5 of 5)      by Mark Barnett on Mar 21 2018
Hey, I’ve been eating my whole life. I’ve been eating apple butter since my dad was a baby. But I never had apple butter as good as this. And as if it could be so, the pumpkin butter is better. And the best part of all, is it seasoned with lots of the really good Saigon cinnamon, That I made for Ken and Willi in Vietnam.

Classic Apple ButterAdd your review
Rating (5 of 5)      by Marie on Aug 12 2017
Absolutely wonderful! Both products. Will be buying both a lot!

Rating (5 of 5)      by Ashley on Oct 21 2018
I have tried several apple butter but nothing will compare to Barton Creek Crossing apple butter. Absolutely the best. I will definitely recommend to everyone one!! Thank you!!

Cinnamon Apple Pie ButterAdd your review
Rating (5 of 5)      by Virginia on May 07 2017

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