First let me apologize if you are having trouble removing our lids. Our new custom printed lids create a super-seal that has at times been difficult to break.

The solution is to pry one lid edge up a teeny bit until you hear an itty bitty air noise. The lid will then remove easily.

If you are interested in a long and tedious answer, read on:

Let me explain a little about our dilemma and our consternation about how to resolve it.

It is possible to preserve food with shorter cook times and lower temperatures if you add chemicals that make the environment unfavorable to organisms that can survive temperatures up to 140-180 degrees. These canning temperatures will create a vacuum seal and kill a lot of the organisms that spoil the food, but not all of them.

Those organisms that survive acceptably low temperatures cannot grow inside a jar polluted with added chemicals. I won't say the food is safe, but there are no growing organisms to spoil the food inside the jar.

Barton Creek Crossing Apple and Pumpkin Butters are cooked for hours with, and sealed in jars when, their temperatures are 205-211 degrees. No organisms that spoil food can survive these temperatures and long cook times. We do not add chemicals to inhibit the growth of organisms because all the organisms inside our jars have perished.

This being said, our excessively hot temperatures create the super-seal that is problematic. But on the upside, Barton Creek Crossing Butters are safely-sealed and preserved for years at pantry temperatures.

We are unwilling to lower the temperature, reduce the shelf life, or add chemicals ... sigh.

Again we apologize about the troublesome lids.

We sincerely hope prying the lid a teeny bit works well for you and you enjoy our delicious, wholesome butters.
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